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What is it about lighthouses?

I love lighthouses. And I know I'm not the only one. The attraction lighthouses has on me is equivalent to what lots of people feel when they see a brand new Aston Martin in the street or probably how a horse enthusiast feels when a proud Arabic horse is running across the fields in the sunset. There's something magic about them.

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Life is good

Green Adventures is not only about work. It's about a passion, not only for kayaking but for all the amazing things we can do in the outdoors. Last weekend I had a wonderful time on a mirror calm sea just outside my door step.

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Create your own paddling memories.

The future is now they say. In a year from today you might regret what you didn't do today. So can the past fuel our tomorrow? Can good memories make you get out of that cozy sofa, run to the water and create some new good paddling memories anno 2015?

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