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Facing my fears (and a rock) in amazing sLOVEnia.

When do you know you've done something life changing? How do you feel? What is going on in your head? What emotions are your feeling in your body and soul? Well, for me, all of that put together in one small sentence, would be: WHITE WATER PADDLING IN SOCA RIVER!

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My 1.5 seconds of fame with Volvo.

So now when everyone is talking about the commercial with Volvo and Zlatan, Volvo and Robyn, Volvo and First Aid Kit, I thought it's time to tell the story about Volvo and me.

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The kayaks turned into skis this winter.

Ooops, I did it again. I played with the calendar and got lost in the planning game. When the fjord outside my house froze to ice, I packed my skis and went to the French alps instead. And what a place to be spending time in. Chamonix is definitely stealing my heart!

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